The Come Up: Phase II: Economic Empowerment

The Come Up: Phase II: Economic Empowerment

Hephzibah EPC, 3706 Turton Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32208

time 10:00 am

August 11, 2018

[Equipping Our Community to Stop the Cycle of Violence]

On the heels of a successful Phase I: Navigating the Law, we are moving into Phase II: Economic Empowerment. It is time to proactively solve the problems that plague our community. We believe this is key to eradicating violence in our neighborhoods. However, many times we lack the knowledge and resources to overcome the results of poor choices, cultural predispositions, and societal opposition. Therefore, we are targeting our community and connecting the people to skilled professionals in various areas that most impact their lives and determine success outcomes.

“Phase II: Economic Empowerment” will consist of a two-hour presentation on common issues in economics including entrepreneurship, job interviewing, budgeting, saving, investing, home-buying, etc. The additional hour will allow for question/answer session for each presenter.

Future Phases will deal with Rebuilding the Family and Maintaining Health (Physical, Mental, and Spiritual). If you know someone who can benefit, please pass the information on.

Refreshments will be served. For more information, RSVP Facebook Event Page or call: 904-270-9070.